Wednesday 12 June 2019

The language of healing.

The language of healing is a lateral staircase. Often people want to adhere to one or another set of words, be it esoteric, Christian, mystic, strictly rational, nutritional. Take your pick. But healing isn't language bound. The body doesn't use language to keep itself healthy. The layer of language is a late and complex development and doesn't create communication as much as it formalises communication. That's not so helpful, because the body is not a formal item. It's part of a wild ecology, and one of the least helpful things we can do is suppress that wild ecology by attempting to contain it in formal language. To contain what does much better on its own.

I've found a way to bypass language in respect of healing, and the name of this is biofocusing. We simply pay attention to what's happening in the living body, and attempt to decipher the sensitivities that emerge, and to respond accordingly. It's a bit like making love without touching. Total respect, sensitivity, vulnerability and sensation. Certainly not sexual, just exactly as subjective as can be.

I've found this to work in many cases. I have the good fortune to be able to walk in and out of our local hospital whenever I want and to pay attention to patients in this way.  I don't always have the opportunity to ask them what they experience, but I sense that there's much unburdening, and movement.

The language of medical science is certainly not like this. Medical science is strictly quantifiable, explicable, efficacious and accountable. At least in theory and sincere attempt. Naturally, there are many glitches, skid marks and deaths, yet the language of medical science holds sway, at this time, having reached a place of industrial purpose since the Renaissance, and that's a fruitful direction, but not a widely authoritative one. Doctors speak with authority because their role wants them to. That's okay with me so long as they know the limits if their authority. If you have a look at you'll see what I mean. Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard do penetrating work.

Healing is more intentional than linguistic. Treating an illness is not the same as paying attention to the body, because the body holds really important emotions that are usually completely overlooked when it comes to medical science. Read "In Shock" by a doctor, Dr Awdish. In my experience, the body is an unfolding story. That's how I experience my own body. In my experience the body is a complex vibration, a chord of energetic focus. That's what I experience on an hourly basis.

So I've come to realise that the thousands of ways in which the body keeps itself healthy, unconsciously, automatically, persistently, arrive as images and impart crucial things to which we ascribe sincere yet inadequate language. As a doctor of holistic medicine I try to hear what the body declares, as well as what the person is saying. When there's a major discrepancy, it's more difficult to deal with the real issues.

The language of healing isn't triumphal. Witchdoctors, gurus and gods don't play a role. And always beware if you have to part with a load of money for a promised miracle. To know more, and especially if you face a difficult diagnosis, or a burden, make contact. and   

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