Friday 15 July 2022

Why your story is important.


The brain, heart and guts work closely and quickly to create myriads of stories that you tell yourself about everything. It's a magical ability. None of these stories are ultimately truthful: you've got the power to decide which ones are for you. That's a difficult daily process, And no-one is really going to help you to simplify or make sense of what and how to choose. I came up with The Story Clinic because I feel it's really important for everyone to grasp that they have an advocate for authenticity. 

That means that testing your story by getting it out into conscious expression is a significant step: just about everything in contemporary society strongly suggests that we repress what's in the heart. Economic, cultural, social and educational requirements stifle your real voice. 

The body can't work like that, it needs to breathe. If you stifle what needs to be said, denial leads to disease. 

So what is your story that really wants to be said? 

You'll find it probably doesn't need too much digging: there's something you want to say to a listening ear and an understanding heart. 

And as you speak, your guts will be testing for authenticity, your brain for coherence, and your heart for clarity. 

You can't bullshit yourself unless you want to, and therein lies a straightforward simplicity for the test of truth. 

Your story is important in many ways, and one of these  is that it dovetails with your body's health. I'm sorry that I've come across people who actually do prefer to bullshit themselves. 

Then again, there are others who are so confused, they can't get enough coherence together to feel a sense of purpose. 

Be assured: you have three good friends under your skin: heart, brain and guts. Together, they are your strong story advocate, and your mission is to allow them to speak your voice. They know what's important, what's missing, what's required and how to get it. Yes, you do need supportive friends, and maybe a wider mirror of compassion, but your advocate is smart, quick, wise and wonderful. If you want to pay more attention to this, communicate via