Thursday 17 May 2012

School-teachers, schoolwork and educational coaching

Who and what kind of work creates intellectual, emotional and volitional growth?

Schools and education are assumed to occupy the same space and time, but they don't.

The way that people interact with each other creates growth, and if you have adults policing adults to police adolescents down the path of busy yet fruitless work, because no real need for the work is felt, you'll get vague stabs of memorization, hopeful jabs of understanding, and plenty of loitering and meandering. Little wonder that the adult world replicates itself with mindless ease.

School-teachers are bound to systems. This is their downfall. Schoolwork is easily reduced to work for the sake of work when there is little interest, no respect and futile systemization of the subject. Teaching and learning for real arises out of a relationship not a system. You really want to learn something from me. I can show you how to achieve what you so badly want. We can work together. It's a go.

Educational coaching focuses on people assisting each other to hone their skills to achieve something tangible.
You're either a willing participant, or you're not part of whatever project it is.

As an educational coach, here are some basics I offer:

find the "on" switch and press it. Know how to deal with the consequences. If the organism hasn't been "on" for some time, the emotional explosion can be severe.

the thinking gearbox is always out of synch. You will need time to adjust it.

the memory screen will cloud clarity. Clean it, but with soft soap.

the decision brakes are dysfunctional. Delay movement.

Diesel is a brand. Petrol isn't. Take care.

Educational coaching is a lot more fun than schoolwork. Every school-teacher should get involved.

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