Tuesday 8 May 2012

Meat and Potatoes

Yes, but what are you on about? There's too much of yourself and not enough meat and potatoes, said my first critic.
Fair enough, here's the subtitle: Biofocusing, the tool.

In itself, a lens is neutral. It just changes shape to take in the image on which it focuses. Think of the leopard selecting the buck. Think of the fish eagle scanning for fish. Now think of your daily focus. The structure and details of the work that you're accustomed to. The shape of the day and the shape of the week. The patterns that have shaped your habits. Your habits, procedural and perceptual, that create your grasp and focus.

A lens has two sides. We're all very used to being on the inside of the lens. The movie director is skilled in manipulating the outside of the lens.

But we're not talking about an inside or an outside. We're also not talking about a lens. This is about using alertness, awareness and consciousness for real. For deciding which feelings to go with and which to leave. Which imaginings to regard as useful and which to discard. And decisions, too: some are eternal commitments in themselves, and others have to be terminated carefully or sadly abandoned.

Biofocusing is a tool that's useful to do these actions. It's an action in itself, not merely a concept, because what we focus on we move towards, and what we fully grasp is ours forever.

Pass the salt, please...

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