Friday 3 May 2013

Ideas from heaven

Try imagining that you're already in heaven. That you don't have to die to experience spiritual living. That you're in your official spot, in heaven, at this moment and that your experience right now is what you're sorting out from your celestial platform. That the whole of humanity has been, is being and will continue to be held in place as biological life by committes, consortia, hierarchies and echelons of working energy. That the same energy applies to the sustaining of the blazing fire in the centre of the earth, the crust of the earth, oceans and all animals, plants, in short everything that forms the ecology of a living planet.

Heaven honours this planet and all that's on it. Human thinking has, for some centuries if not millenia, gone against the grain of this. To honour heaven, we should simply pay attention to heaven on earth. Everyday experience inclines us to entrapment of economic, formal and communicative kinds. Mindful experience begins to take us towards eternity. The here and now and your current celestial platform are one and the same. Obviously "current celestial platform" is metaphoric language, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

The arts remind us of this heavenly status. We are capable of producing experiences of immense beauty. Even a simple stand against destructive patterns of living can be beautiful in itself. Schindler's List.

Heaven is a situation of beauty and truth, at least. These can be realized in the here and now, with enough ease. Yet human purpose continues to thwart, unnecessarily, these obvious requirements. So, we should keep crossing between heaven and earth, by the bridge of our bodies which are created to approach both sides simultaneosuly. Mind, thoughts, feelings, decisions; the marriage of these with skeletal movement, the Christmas tree of the neurologial system, endocrinal spontaneity, the womb of wonder and the insistence of sensate internality, as blood renews each cell in tireless cycles.

I am no desolate ego. I am a brief space and time for heaven to impart one or two fruitful ideas and actions, a few experiences of beauty to share, and the sense of truth that leads to peace because there can be no other outcome.

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