Monday 4 July 2016

The Story Clinic

Biofusing is pleased to team up with The Story Clinic.The purpose is to make biofocusing more concrete and accessible. Biofocusing began with the awareness of how to manage attention, since we tend to take attention almost entirely for granted. Paying affective attention has been largely ignored in favour of paying cognitive attention, and how we pay volitional attention is a conundrum, because how can you choose to attend or ignore when you're wired to and for instinctive response? The body has its own story to tell, and that's a large part of The Story Clinic.

Stories do not come in books. That's a side-story. Stories and awareness work together to explain experience, and experience is multi-layered, ambiguous, slippery, and mostly uncontrollable. The nuts and bolts of story are words, sentences and paragraphs, and the machine is fascination, the basis of which is focused emotion.

Emotion is the problem as well as the solution. Good feelings are nice to experience, bad feelings are better avoided, and the movement from one to the other is bitterly difficult to control.

The difference between a story and a lie is often too difficult to tell. How do you know when you're telling yourself lies? At a personal, social, group, community and national level, this is part of what The Story Clinic does. Put more kindly, the story that you tell yourself about everything is the hinge to everything you know. This is not a trite remark. When I discovered that truth, I did not expect to survive it. I waited, every hour, for the heart attack or stroke that would result from the psychological and physiological tension of testing every story I thought I knew. I didn't die, but it took me two years to calm down.

More and more, companies and conglomerates begin to realize that their myth might be about more than money. One significant aspect of the real story is that we live in heaven and on earth simultaneously, and so a good question is why money is so important on earth when it doesn't exist in heaven.

The Story Clinic is versatile because biofocusing is a living tool. The alive things are scary, and thus we try to make them friendly. Stories. Are they friendly or fearful? Well, they're full of energy, bursting into systems of structured concepts, inconoclasting beliefs into better nothings. It's too bad that humans are more rational than animals and can't deal with nothings. So, all the time we have to come up with a story to sort out experience.

The Story Clinic knows how to listen, reflect and return a response if not a solution. The solution is never far away, but depending on how serious it is, it may take a narrative or two, and at least a bit of honesty. I have the sense that this will grow because it's how things actually work. In the meantime, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to touch something here.

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