Sunday 29 July 2012

Coaching, biofocusing and the secret

I had always regarded coaches with some scepticism, having been trained within the context of academic rigour, and having grown up in a no-nonsense environment.

What on earth were these people doing, earning such big money on the basis of short-lived enthusiasm? Now that I am one, I know that there are coaches, coaches and coaches. No-one pays money unless they want and expect something in return. Enthusiasm may be short-lived, but it ought not to be the focus, but the by-product of joy and pleasure when something effective is put in place and works.

Human awareness loves to be let in on a secret. "Shall I tell you a secret?" The bottom line: there is no cosmic, universal secret. When I was nineteen, I was confused by preachers and teachers who had no modesty about telling others what God had told them. For the life of me, I just couldn't comprehend how anyone had such a hotline to God. I listened and pondered and pondered and listened, and one morning at around eleven o'clock a sudden and huge dart of realization stung the inside of my awareness - not merely my thinking, but my awareness. There is no hotline: everyone has equal access. I wanted to keep this realization close, so I went into a jewellry shop and bought a ring which I wore from then on.

This is the realization: if you want to live a life that pursues a more excellent way than the one you're walking, you're completely free to do so.

Neither God nor the approach to God is secret. The spiritual world is not distant, but is at hand. The story of your life is wide open to change, and anyone may enter.

There is a price to pay, but this is not monetary: it's more about being prepared to act on conviction, with courage. And it's also about learning with every bit of reason, passion (hackneyed word, but it works here) and purpose.

Biofocusing doesn't grow a part of you. It grows all of you. It may feel as though many parts of you are hidden from yourself, but that's a matter of choice. You needn't ever go to those parts if you're adamant you won't, and you can also let the eleventh hour truth in.

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