Friday 27 July 2012

Coaching, focusing, biofocusing

Focusing usually refers to what happens naturally in vision: without thinking about it, you look at something, and the image is clear because the muscles attached to the lens of each eye alter the shape of the lens to achieve a clear image. Intention also creates focus. So do emotional patterns. Commitment involves long-term focus.

When I coach someone, I assist him or her to become aware of patterns of consciousness in resepct of thinking, feeling and deciding. Quite often an individual has done something quite contorted to abbreviate, limit, control, amputate or otherwise malform their own consciousness. The motivation in having done this often links to needs for approval, recognition, esteem and acceptance.

The point I want to make is simple: I was once taught that if you're having difficulty doing something, then you're not doing it correctly. Rather stop, ease up, and then do it again.

If it's not a pleasure to be yourself, stop. There's more to being yourself than that. If it's a strain going after your purpose, abort. Don't try to do it, just do it. Sure, you always have to invest time, energy and money to get anywhere, yet your style in investing is crucial.

You don't try to see (unless something is wrong somewhere) you just see. You don't try to hear, you hear. There's an ease at work.

When we get to certain levels of living, the ease disappears. We need to learn again. Often we don't know who to trust, or if such learning is even possible. There's an emotional complexity rather than an easy clarity. An obstacle in the way. Focusing on the obstacle will establish it even more firmly. Biofocusing - using and being all the living energy that you are - will take you on. No matter whether the sun sets or rises, it remains a star.

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