Monday 7 January 2013

The "bio" of biofocusing

Life. Alive. Living. Livingness. Participating in living. Being conscious that although mortal, consciousness never dies. Aware that living this life  is not only a once-off but a single movement in eternal dance.

I am always amazed that humans stop so short at realizing what lies in the palm of the hand: that everything is there, within, and neglected mostly out of ignorance.

I once stood in for a reverend friend who has now gone to heaven, and preached a sermon on "Participating in the life of God".  I began by telling the congregation about my Irish friend who refused to get out of bed on Easter Saturday because on that day, as he said, God is dead and we're waiting for the resurrection before we dare to go about our business again.

That was to get their attention. The real point was that living is a gift that is way beyond our sense of control or genesis, and has very much more to it than seventy years of experience and wisdom. Science boggles at trying to work out how to work it out but intuition knows pretty shrewdly how quickly connections and meanings are created when we focus on humbling ourselves in the eternal scheme of things rather than elevating ourselves in respect of temporary greed and self-importance.

Ecological intelligence goes beyond hugging trees: this planet is a living system that connects the solar system and the Milky Way with a quantum system that's become a buzzword for connecting with that which is spiritual, and human consciousness is the bridge. Physicists, preachers, philosophers, poets - any profession, art, or trade - our common goal is to cross the bridge and return intact with a message that is singularly and collectively convincing.

We'll struggle with words, and disagree on stories: our attitudes and actions will fail or convince. From that human core, the living one that forms and informs the verbal balancing trick, our real intentions flow.

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