Thursday 9 August 2012

Biofocusing: actions to do this

You're focusing, so you're getting something clear. The feeling of freedom and the feeling of clarity are linked. I've just looked at a picture of a dog running. The caption read " live like someone left the gate open". No way to stop that dog.

You're insisting. Living isn't polite. You want, you're acting to get, you're intent on achieving and obtaining. Put the steps on place and take them, and don't say sorry.

You're enheartening. At least to yourself, and hopefully to plenty of others. The opposite is to discourage. That bubble of hope and expectation must balloon, lift, float and fly. The outcome won't be what you expect, but the movement is what counts.

You're determining. One real movement, instead of looking out of the window thinking of movement, like opening the window and shouting to someone; one real bit of a movement, and things happen. They can't not. Whwn you act, you determine.

You're progressing. Movement, per se, can be fruitful, destructive or meaningless. You respond to storms, good winds and the doldrums. If you're dealing with, you're going forwards and onwards. If you're not dealing with, or don't know how to deal with, you're luffing in the wind, not singing in the rain.

You're stetching. To reach beyond what you are, what you know and what you feel is to grow towards destitny.

You're touching. Tangible landings are good news. New territory. More adventure.

You're exploring. New focuses, full attention. Who can say what will be found?

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