Friday 3 August 2012

Biofocusing, health coaching and the heart.

When I first started putting the concept of biofocusing together, I was influenced by a number of things I had learnt about: I had studied and qualified in homeopathic medicine, I had gone through the training offered by Quantum Touch, an energy medicine approach, I had read widely in connection with CAM, motivational and inspirational leaders, and had the background of an education in humanities.

I was impatient to get to the heart of the matter, by an Hegelian movement, the ultimate overview, which was beyond me.

The starfish strategy, the one-at-a-time approach began to appeal: one concept, just one, as a point of entry to growth and health that anyone could use.

My own heart, as I had learnt, was an energetic structure throughout the body, requiring continuous charging and balancing advanced by natural influences, greatly assisted by my mindful co-operation.

I had more or less given up on words, which is a serious thing for a registered poetry therapist to do. Having discovered how wordless meditation and prayer produce powerful shifts of realization, the best advice, succintly, to anyone, would be to go pray and meditate. But such brisk and brusque advice is too quick to be noticed let alone taken.

Once I had the concept of biofocusing clear, I began to word it.

The background to the efficacy of homepathy is well documented by Lynne McTaggart in The Field. Recently the Swiss goverment has produced an report on homeopathy which I haven't read yet (I learnt of its existence a couple of hours ago: check Bornhoft and Matthiessen 2011, the name of the book wasn't given). The schism between medical science and CAM ought not to exist, in my opinion. It seems to be driven by two forces: pseudo-orthodoxy and economic interest. The health and the wholeness of the patient are one and the same thing, and both are affected by endogenous and exogenous factors, a good few of which have not yet been discovered.

The heart of health coaching, as I understand it, is to be found in individual case and context, thus linking singular consciousness and behaviour to social awareness and practice. Plenty of info out there: check 

As for my heart, the one made of muscle tissue, it could stop beating in two days or twenty years. There's nothing wrong with it, but as one gets older there are no guarrantees. I have no doubt that my living will go on after that - the continuing bio of biofocusing. Bodies die, people don't. I understand grief to be our most salient symptom of knowing unknowingness, the exact opposite of where scientific methodology has attempted to bring us. As for the focusing of biofocusing, we're all free to choose on what, with what and the style of our focus. All the time. This is a demanding responsibilty, one that deserves a good night's rest every night so that body and mind can regroup and touch up the paintwork of daily experience.

From one perspective, this:

from another, this:

yet, for both, the continuing heart is the same.

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