Wednesday 8 August 2012

Focusing, biofocusing and bureacracy

You get bureacracy and bureaucracy. I've had to stand in really long queues with horrible service when I got to the front, and I've sung through some usually difficult processes like renewing my passport or driver's licence. I've contended with various educational bureacracies, and I have come to think that bureacracies are formal clothing. You can't think of a naked body as formal. It is what it is, usually better off clothed. But if the clothing doesn't fit, is inappropriate to the weather, or otherwise unsuitable, it becomes obvious. But tell this to the wearer? Mention to the emporer that he's actually naked? Dare to suggest that Zuma's fly is open? The desk, the pen, the file, the glass window, the "no abuse will be tolerated" are all there to intimidate the meek public. A bureacracy that's intent on service is one thing (and I've had the benefit of this experience) and a self-serving bureacracy is another.

If your focus is on doing business, be sure that bureacracy is there as the teeth to take a bite out of your turnover. States have never had any capital of their own, and yours is a natural target. If you focus on a profession as a prime love, you will soon become proficient at finding the way into relevant registrations and certifications.  Bureacracies have various purposes, the main one being taxation in creative forms by regulation.

However, the heart cannot be regulated. It remains wild and will never be tamed. It's the quickest, sharpest, toughest human core that we are. There's a sign on our front door that says "When the heart speaks take good note". It's also the most impassioned, tender and dynamic centre of awareness and consciousness. People of my generation were taught to focus on politeness and decency, often not saying or doing what should have been said or done because of good manners and deference. Cleanliness and good manners were next to Godliness.

There's a whole lot more freedom now. Since no-one has any socially sanctioned obligation to pay attention to God, where's the ultimate regulator?

I would say, take a step closer to the living heart, your vivid core of the present, experienced and realised moment, and feel and see that which ultimately can't be verbalised in a bureaucratcially driven atmosphere but is most certainly more relevant to you than any law.

Your heart is in no defined time and place, yet is has the ultimate authority to address whatever's happening in your time and space. Standing up to bureaucracy that is designed not to be stood up to is a battle I tend to omit. Discretion is the better part of valour.

But don't get me going on educational bureacracy. This is a hideous matter in South Africa, because what they're saying is that if all the admin boxes are ticked, we have a functioning education system. So somehow, those boxes get ticked even if the people who are required to tick them haven't got pens. Or even if the boxes are printed upside-down on the wrong paper, supplied after the deadline for submission has passed. Heaven knows what stories will emerge from under the piles of dumped textbooks in Popoland.

As I said, don't get me going.

Biofocusing, that is, with and on the heart, takes you to a different destiny. I liked the cartoon of Steve Jobs looking at Saint Peter paging through the big book at the pearly gates, telling him "I've got an app for that!". 

Guard the heart, especially from bureaucracy. The emporer wants your money and doesn't care about any coziness except his own. Does he have a heart? This is a good question, and food for another blog.

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