Friday 3 August 2012

Planning your growth: the focusing in biofocusing

Sorry, it can't be done. You can choose to grow, but you can't control the experience. When you open the window when the wind's blowing, air you will get, but you can't select the air molecules. You may get smoke in your eyes. Freud postulated the ego, Jung wrote about the undiscovered self, more theories about how awareness and consciousness are structured abound.

Certainly, you can turn your head, look forwards, backwards, sideways, select to watch the clock, the TV, the window, listen for the kids, stroke the cat, yet you can't control what's around you, or the scope of what your eyes might see. If you're in New York, you'll have to see Johannesburg in your imagination.

NLP refers to beliefs as permissions. I find this very useful, but I still want to know more about fruitfully decisive action, in the subtlest sense. I can control my physiology to a very limited extent, I was forced to learn how to control emotions to a much greater extent (this topic will pop up later in the context of educational coaching), and I learned how to act on the basis of commitment which was fundamentally based, but could turn on a tickey. By this seeming contradiction, what I mean is that you may be committed to practising medicine, but at a moment's notice, you drop a lucrative private practice, and head off to Bongoland to do what you must because you know you have to. Perhaps Eric Pearl can tell us something about this.

The focusing of biofocusing is difficult to explain, and easier to do live when I have another living being with me. It's less about controlling the details, and more about finding or creating the motivating energy, which you don't contemplate but do.

Focusing on your soul? Focusing on your living? Do the details come to you, or do you come to the details? And what is this "you" but a construct of which "you" are a construct yourself?

I gave up words for a while, but now that I've returned to them, I know that they have to be dealt with summarily and descisively. One of the worst bits of academia I have come across is lit. theory. Let the critics come.

So you want to grow? Open your mind and open your heart and accept what comes. Try your best to bypass language, but chances are, silence is not for you.

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